About Us

Tsering Tibetan Antiques and Handicrafts is founded by Tsering Ngodup whose family have been collecting Tibetan ritual items and antiques for over half a century. 

Tsering and his family travel around Nepal and India to select and collect the gems. Products are truly authentic and handmade. Tsering is very passionate in his collection. His intuitive heart and unique eyes and ears have allowed him to find the most beautiful and majestic items. 

Tsering's Singing Bowl Journey

Following the footsteps of his family, Tsering started his singing bowl journey since the 90s. It all started in one of the most vibrant place - Goa, India. Tsering's sister and brother-in-law were among the very first Tibetans running a successful Tibetan antique and handicrafts business during the 70s in North Goa. 

Tsering started his discovery journey through training with sound healing masters on singing bowls and gongs in Nepal, and the journey changed his life ever since. He finds himself very calm, positive and focus since he stepped onto this journey and whenever he plays his bowls he travels to another world and the experience is so serene.

Combining the training with respected masters, his years experience of playing and selecting highest quality of singing bowls and his spiritual upbringing, Tsering has discovered his own unique and transformative style of delivering sound spa and various body healing treatment. He offers regular probono sessions with renowed NGOa such as Hong Kong Asia Society and Cancer Fund HK. He is also a trusted provider of singing bowls to many yoga teachers and yoga centres in HK.

Tsering believes in authenticity and doesn't compromise on quality be it a healing session or selecting singing bowls for his clients. Even though he is very in tune and connected with almost all the singing bowls he come across with, there's new discovery almost everytime he plays the bowls. His motto is that mastery is a life journey, it is knowing that you are student in every brand new day.